Hey, guys! How was your day? Caroline ‘s was terrible. She had a fever, so she was in bed all day in her fair isle Pjs sipping hot chocolate while reading Kit’s meet book with her AG doll, Kit.


Stuff That I Saved Up For!

Hey, Guys! Here are a few stuff that I saved up for! If you want to save up for something, ask your parents if there are any chores you could do around the house, and ask if they could give you allowance!

Grace Thomas

Yes, I did Save Up for Grace! I am in love with anything french so I just HAD to get her!


I also Saved up for The Fair Isle Pjs!


The Violin Was The FIRST thing I saved Up For!

Cocnut fun Outfit

I saved up for the coconut fun outfit when it was on a sale:)

Track outfit AG

I LOVE The two in one track outfit! It! Is! AMAZING!!!!!!!

Well, That’s It! Hope You enjoyed!

Different Hairstyles

Hey, Guys! I will be showing you a couple of different hairstyles! (Caroline is modeling them!)

My beautiful picture

First, Here is the Kirsten hairstyle! just make two braids and bobby pin them in a circle thingy.

My beautiful picture

Next, here is this hairstyle. I call it “Bear ears”. Just make a bun on each side of your doll’s hair, and leave some hair out!

My beautiful picture

And now, here is a very cool hairstyle. Just make three braids and connect them all together!

My beautiful picture

Then Lastly, a regular bun. I’m sorry This picture was sideways!