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Hey  guys! The missing pets ~Part 2~ should be up tomorrow or on Wensday! But any ways, the blog of the week is…

I hope you like her blog!

The missing pets ~Part 1~

Hey, guys! Here is a photostory that I made that is in two parts! Enjoy!


It was a nice quiet day, and Caroline was petting Inkpot…


But suddenly, Inkpot ran after Pepper, with Coconut running after Inkpot.


After a few minutes, Caroline began to wonder where Inkpot could be.


She looked in the horse stable, where Inkpot loved to hang out, but Inkpot was not there.


” Have you guys seen Inkpot?” Asked Caroline. “Yeah,and have you seen Coconut?” Asked Kate. “How ’bout Pepper?” Asked Grace.


“I haven’t seen any of the pets.” Replied Caroline.


“How can I LIVE without Coconut?” Wailed Kate.


“I miss Pepper already!”Grace said, with tears in her eyes.


“Calm down, you guys..We’ll find them, I promise.” Said Caroline.

To  be continued …

Cute Grace ~A photoshoot~

Hey, guys! Grace just looked too stinkin’ cute to ignore… so I HAD TO TAKE A PHOTOSHOOT WITH HER!!!





Ok… this photo really creeps me out cause there is a glowing orb in the pic and I read in a book that a glowing orb in a picture could be ghost!!! :O




Well, that’s all! I hope ya liked the photos! 😉

A blog award

Hey, guys! AG cupcake lover nominated me for an award! Here are her questions:

What is your favorite candy?

I love Kit Kats!

What is your favorite AG tuber?

Mine is Anna from basilmentos!

What is your favorite AG doll?

Mine would have to be Marie-Grace, because she is my first doll!

What is your favorite color?

My favorite color is GREEN!!!

Well, that’s all the questions! 🙂

My Award

Hey, guys! I made an award- I love your blog award!

My beautiful picture

I nominate this award to…

1. Nikki Malt

2.Happy House of AG

3.Dandelions and Daisies

4. AJ

5.Doll Mag

Here are the questions!

1. Red or Green?

2. Tomboy or girly-girl?

3. Read or Write?

4. Sporty or girly?

5. Saige or Grace?

Nominate 5 blogs you love!