What is she doing?

Hey, guys! Here is another what is she doing? For you!

if you for got the rules, all you have to do is caption the picture by saying what you think she is saying. Then, I’ll pick the winner on Monday or Tuesday!

Here is the picture that you have to caption:

My beautiful picture

It is Marie-Grace and Caroline. 😉

3 thoughts on “What is she doing?

  1. Caroline: What’s in the bag?
    Marie-Grace: Grace’s bakery, of course!
    Caroline: Isn’t that like 500 bucks or something!?!? And her bakery is bigger than that bag!!
    Marie-Grace: Ohhhhh yeah….. I forgot to say that it is the mini version!
    Caroline: Oh I see…. maybe I should get one! How much is it!??
    Marie-Grace: Only 1,000 dollars!
    Caroline: Nevermind!!!


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