Updates and a few pictures

Ok, so here is the update:

The Truly Me Sweepstakes are for ages 8-13!!! That is SO unfair! I am in the age limit, but I still think that it’s unfair to other people, so please email AG and tell them how unfair they are about this rule. Also, please pass this information on by posting about this on your blog.

Ok, that being said,I just realized that I’d never posted a picture of my cute dogs! So… Here they are!

Basya the cutie

Here is Basya! Her name means Barbara in Polish. My parents decided to name her this, because it sounded cute. 🙂

Luna smiling

And… Here is Luna! She is Basya’s mother. 🙂 Here name means moon in Russian! 🙂

In case you’re wondering, they’re Samoyeds. 😉

Ok now, before I say good-bye, I have to show you a picture of Caroline in Australia!

Caroline in Australia

I got the background in Doll Photoshoot 🙂


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