My Opinions On The New Releases ~Part 1~

Hey, guys! So here Are My Thoughts On The New Releases! So… Yeah!!!!

Recess ready outfit

1. Recess Ready Outfit $30

I Have No Idea why the picture is like this, but whatever. I Kinda like the outfit. The scarf looks kinda weird. I really like the shoes, though. But the dress, it’s eh. I don’t think this dress will ever be on my list of stuff to save up for, but we’ll see when I go to AGP in Chicago in three weeks, ’cause I’ll be able to see it in person.

Hair styling tools

2. Hairstyle tools $20

Uh…. No. I am never ever ever going to get this. Never. Anyways, I prefer getting bobby pins that match my doll’s hair, not any random noticeable colors. Nuh-uh.

Sweater outfit

3. Sweater Outfit $30

I actually like this! I mean, for mix ‘n match. I really like the sweater.

Hot lunch set

4. Hot Lunch Set $28

First of all, what crazy lunch lady would be nice enough to serve a BROWNIE?! Second of all, Those Carrots aren’t very realistic.I will not buy this set.

Flip Top Desk

5. Flip Top Desk $58

I. Love. This. Desk. I NEED IT!!!!!

Yorkie Puppy

6. Yorkie Puppy $28

AG WHY CAN”T YOU MAKE A CAT??? I don’t have anything against dogs, it’s just there are girls who love cats too!

Astronomy set

7. Astronomy Fair Set $32

I could easily make this myself. I will never buy this.

stylin bangs

8. Stylin’ bangs $20

First of all, I don’t think this should be worth $20. Second of all, It looks hideous on dolls. If you want your doll to have bangs, buy one with bangs!

Basket Ball Outfit

9. Basketball outfit $34

I really like this outfit, but I kinda liked the older basketball outfit better. The older one had more of a realistic material than this one.

Sport Storage Bench

10. Sport Storage Bench $48

I really want this. No- I NEED it! The doll that I’m saving up for (#57), is going to be the total tomboy of the doll family, so this would be perfect for her.


11. Mod Monster Costume $34

One Word- ugly.

double braid headband

12. Double Braid Headband $20

I would not buy this for $20, and anyways, you could make it yourself!

slow cooker set

13. Slow Cooker Set $58

AHH!!!!!!!!!!!! I want  NEED this set!!!

sparkle sneakers

14. Sparkle Sneakers $14

I LOVE these! Even though they aren’t sneakers. They’re more like Toms.


15. Shearling Boots $16

WHO WOULD BUY SHOES FOR $16 DOLLARS, AG? I MEAN, THESE ARE DOLL SHOES!!! But anyways, I think AG copied OG, because I saw the same exact boots for our generation dolls, but it had polka dots on it too.

Well, that’s part 1, guys! I hope you enjoyed! 🙂

I’ve Been Tagged!

Hey, guys! AGdollawesome tagged me! So here are the questions!

List Three Favorite dolls that you bought last year.

I did’t buy any, but this year I bought Grace, so would that count? Oh, and also, I got a Barbie Doll That I Named Alyssa.

81OHZ4bySSL._SL1500_ download (3)

List Three Dolls Currently on your wishlist.


I am in love with this doll! I am actually saving up for her right now before I go to the AG Place in Chicago. I have $103 Saved up to buy her. I would name her Natalie.


I LOVE Julie! Even though she isn’t really that historical, because she would still be living right now. But I LOVE Her!


I also Love This doll! I would name her Emma. 🙂

So… I I guess that’s all! The 5 other people I tag are:

Amazingly Adollable-

It’s A Doll World-


Small Dolls In A Big World-

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Well, that’s it! Bye! 🙂

My Button!

Hey, Guys ! Guess, what? Sunny helped me make a blog button, So I finally have it up! To see it, scroll down and look in the sidebar. Also, Tell if you want to trade buttons! If we do, I’m sorry if I get it up late. But don’t worry, I’ll get it up at one point! Well, I guess that’s all I have to say, so bye! 😛

A Shirt!

Hey, guys! Guess what? My best friend’s mom gave me lessons on how to use a sewing machine, so now I know how to use it! I sewed a cool shirt for my dolls! It was the first thing I ever sewed on a sewing machine, and I think it turned out pretty good! Here it is:


I think I did pretty good, considering this is my first try! 😉 What do you think of it? Caroline thinks it’s comfy. 😉 Well, bye! 🙂

Fancy Nancy

Hey, guys! So every doll has her own personality, and Nancy’s is fashion! Right now she is trying to get her beauty rest. With all that noise around her, she can’t though. 😉


A New Bed!

Hey, guys! The reason why I didn’t post on Saturday was because… I made a new bed for my dolls! Nancy didn’t exactly fit in her old bed, so I made my own using a My Froggy tutorial, but changing it up a little. Well, I decided that Nancy would switch beds with Ruthie, and then Caroline switched placed with Ruthie, so Caroline ended up having the new bed!  But anyways, that being said, here is the bed!


Looks comfy, huh? 😉


I added a little storage on top,something that My froggy Didn’t do. 🙂


On the headboard, I added all of my doll’s autographs. (Sienna did Lily’s because Lily can’t write yet.)


For the mattress, I used A sheet of white felt, also something that My froggy didn’t do! 😉


Caroline loves her new bed! 🙂