My Opinions On The New Releases ~Part 1~

Hey, guys! So here Are My Thoughts On The New Releases! So… Yeah!!!!

Recess ready outfit

1. Recess Ready Outfit $30

I Have No Idea why the picture is like this, but whatever. I Kinda like the outfit. The scarf looks kinda weird. I really like the shoes, though. But the dress, it’s eh. I don’t think this dress will ever be on my list of stuff to save up for, but we’ll see when I go to AGP in Chicago in three weeks, ’cause I’ll be able to see it in person.

Hair styling tools

2. Hairstyle tools $20

Uh…. No. I am never ever ever going to get this. Never. Anyways, I prefer getting bobby pins that match my doll’s hair, not any random noticeable colors. Nuh-uh.

Sweater outfit

3. Sweater Outfit $30

I actually like this! I mean, for mix ‘n match. I really like the sweater.

Hot lunch set

4. Hot Lunch Set $28

First of all, what crazy lunch lady would be nice enough to serve a BROWNIE?! Second of all, Those Carrots aren’t very realistic.I will not buy this set.

Flip Top Desk

5. Flip Top Desk $58

I. Love. This. Desk. I NEED IT!!!!!

Yorkie Puppy

6. Yorkie Puppy $28

AG WHY CAN”T YOU MAKE A CAT??? I don’t have anything against dogs, it’s just there are girls who love cats too!

Astronomy set

7. Astronomy Fair Set $32

I could easily make this myself. I will never buy this.

stylin bangs

8. Stylin’ bangs $20

First of all, I don’t think this should be worth $20. Second of all, It looks hideous on dolls. If you want your doll to have bangs, buy one with bangs!

Basket Ball Outfit

9. Basketball outfit $34

I really like this outfit, but I kinda liked the older basketball outfit better. The older one had more of a realistic material than this one.

Sport Storage Bench

10. Sport Storage Bench $48

I really want this. No- I NEED it! The doll that I’m saving up for (#57), is going to be the total tomboy of the doll family, so this would be perfect for her.


11. Mod Monster Costume $34

One Word- ugly.

double braid headband

12. Double Braid Headband $20

I would not buy this for $20, and anyways, you could make it yourself!

slow cooker set

13. Slow Cooker Set $58

AHH!!!!!!!!!!!! I want  NEED this set!!!

sparkle sneakers

14. Sparkle Sneakers $14

I LOVE these! Even though they aren’t sneakers. They’re more like Toms.


15. Shearling Boots $16

WHO WOULD BUY SHOES FOR $16 DOLLARS, AG? I MEAN, THESE ARE DOLL SHOES!!! But anyways, I think AG copied OG, because I saw the same exact boots for our generation dolls, but it had polka dots on it too.

Well, that’s part 1, guys! I hope you enjoyed! 🙂

I’ve Been Tagged!

Hey, guys! AGdollawesome tagged me! So here are the questions!

List Three Favorite dolls that you bought last year.

I did’t buy any, but this year I bought Grace, so would that count? Oh, and also, I got a Barbie Doll That I Named Alyssa.

81OHZ4bySSL._SL1500_ download (3)

List Three Dolls Currently on your wishlist.


I am in love with this doll! I am actually saving up for her right now before I go to the AG Place in Chicago. I have $103 Saved up to buy her. I would name her Natalie.


I LOVE Julie! Even though she isn’t really that historical, because she would still be living right now. But I LOVE Her!


I also Love This doll! I would name her Emma. 🙂

So… I I guess that’s all! The 5 other people I tag are:

Amazingly Adollable-

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Well, that’s it! Bye! 🙂

My Button!

Hey, Guys ! Guess, what? Sunny helped me make a blog button, So I finally have it up! To see it, scroll down and look in the sidebar. Also, Tell if you want to trade buttons! If we do, I’m sorry if I get it up late. But don’t worry, I’ll get it up at one point! Well, I guess that’s all I have to say, so bye! 😛

A Shirt!

Hey, guys! Guess what? My best friend’s mom gave me lessons on how to use a sewing machine, so now I know how to use it! I sewed a cool shirt for my dolls! It was the first thing I ever sewed on a sewing machine, and I think it turned out pretty good! Here it is:


I think I did pretty good, considering this is my first try! 😉 What do you think of it? Caroline thinks it’s comfy. 😉 Well, bye! 🙂