I’ve Been Tagged!

Hey, guys! AGdollawesome tagged me! So here are the questions!

List Three Favorite dolls that you bought last year.

I did’t buy any, but this year I bought Grace, so would that count? Oh, and also, I got a Barbie Doll That I Named Alyssa.

81OHZ4bySSL._SL1500_ download (3)

List Three Dolls Currently on your wishlist.


I am in love with this doll! I am actually saving up for her right now before I go to the AG Place in Chicago. I have $103 Saved up to buy her. I would name her Natalie.


I LOVE Julie! Even though she isn’t really that historical, because she would still be living right now. But I LOVE Her!


I also Love This doll! I would name her Emma. πŸ™‚

So… I I guess that’s all! The 5 other people I tag are:

Amazingly Adollable-Β https://amazinglyadollable.wordpress.com/

It’s A Doll World-Β https://itsadollworldblog.wordpress.com/

AGCupcakelover-Β https://agcupcakelover.wordpress.com/

Small Dolls In A Big World-Β http://smalldollsinabigworld.com/?wref=bif

A Day Late. A Doll Short.-Β https://adaylateadollshort.wordpress.com/

Well, that’s it! Bye! πŸ™‚


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