The New Girl

Hey, guys! Time to find out who I got!


Ruthie was really bored. She had NOTHING to do, and she certainly didn’t want to be with Nancy after their fight!


Meatloaf licked Ruthie on the face trying to cheer her up. It worked for a little bit, but not for long.


“Wait! Be quiet! Suddenly said Grace. “Someone’s at our entrance! Can’t you hear it?”


Kate shot up from bed. The whole time while Caroline was at hospital, Kate had been in bed crying over Caroline not being with her. Now maybe Caroline was here!


Instead, Kate saw a girl who she had never seen before. “This is the wrong house.” Said Kate, with annoyance in her voice. She was also depressed once again. This girl wasn’t Caroline.


The girl started moving away from the entrance, mumbling, “I was sure I was supposed to come here…”


Just then, Sienna shoved in front of Kate. “Come in, come in. We were expecting you.”


Kate glared at Sienna. “Don’t push.” She muttered into Sienna’s ear. Sienna ignored Kate, and kept on talking to that girl.


After a few minutes of talking, Sienna led the girl into the room. The girl was carrying a dress with her.


Sienna cleared her throat, and everyone looked up. “Let us welcome our new sister, Kit.” Said Sienna. There were many murmurs and whispering.


Grace jumped up to Kit. “My name is Grace!” I love to cook. What do you like to do?” “Well, I love to write I love write fake newspapers. I also love photography, and to take videos!” Grace smiled at her. “You can take videos of me cooking! I’ll have my own cooking show.” Said Grace, bursting with ideas to do with Kit. “I used to be the newest doll, and now I’m the second newest!” Finally, after a long conversation, which Kit was getting bored of, Grace sat back down.


And then, Nancy appeared. “Hello! I see you don’t like fashion, as of what I heard from when you were talking to Grace.” But I was thinking, You could take pictures of me! And then I could be a model!” “Um.. we’ll see about that.” Said Kit, who did not like that idea at all.


“OMG! What are you wearing?!” Suddenly burst out Nancy, who was now looking up and down at Kit. “That outfit is so ugly.” “Um… well I don’t like this either, but it is better than wearing the dress that I am holding right now!” Said Kit.


“Oh, you mean that dress? I love that dress! I NEED it!”


And with that being said, Nancy grabbed Kit’s dress and started to look it over, oohing and aahing over the dress.


After a few moments of wrestling Nancy, Kit got the dress and ran away with it to the kitchen. “Looks like you scared away our new sister.” Said Ruthie who was watching the whole thing.


After a few hours, Kit came up to Sienna and asked where her room was.


Kit found her room, and plopped down on it, too tired to get changed into pajamas. It had been a long day.

Well, I hope you liked it! Please greet Kit with a warm welcome! Thank you to everyone who guessed which doll I got! I was actually supposed to get #57, but my parents really wanted me to get Kit, so I got her instead. I love her so much!

Sunny, Dollies on a farm, Clara, and My doll life guessed the doll right. Well, that’s it everyone! I sewed the vest that Kit is wearing right now. Btw, I got Kit with my own money. Bye for now! πŸ™‚

The hints

Hey, guys! So I decided that tomorrow I will reveal who was the doll I got! Here are the two hints- one for yesterday, one for today! πŸ˜‰

Hint #3- She doesn’t have curly hair

HintΒ #4- she isn’t retired or going to be retired

Well, that’s it! Bye for now! πŸ™‚

Doll Photo Contest!

Hey, guys! I decided to to a doll photo contest! There isn’t any prize, sorry. 😦 All you have to do is send in a picture of your doll doing something summerish, like her hanging out by the pool, planting, at summer camp, etc. You can submit 3 pictures. Send your pictures to:

Have Fun!

Grace in Puerto Rico

Hint #2: The Doll I got Has Blue Eyes.

What doll did I get?

Hey, guys! Ok, so, the post. YOU will have to guess what doll I got at The AGP in Chicago! I will reveal who she is next week. You can guess who you think she is in the comments below. Each day I will give a hint of who she is.


Bonus pic!

Hint #1: The doll I got at the AGP has blonde hair

You can ask more than one question! πŸ™‚

Goodbye For Now…

Hey, guys! You might be wondering about the title. “Wait, she’s leaving!?” No, I am not leaving forever. It’s just I won’t be able to post for three weeks, because I am going to sleepaway camp and after that, to Chcago for a week. And also, I’ll be going to the AGP in Chicago too! I’ll take a few pictures there, don’t worry. πŸ˜‰ But also at the AGP I am getting… another doll! If you read the post, “I Got Tagged!” Then you’ll know what new doll I’m getting. But if you didn’t read the post, well too bad. :P. So… Yeah! I guess it’s bye for now! Bye! πŸ™‚