Kit’s profile

Hey, guys! I made Kit’s profile! Here it is:


Kit (2)

I bought kit at the AGP in Chicago with my own money. She is my 9th doll.

A few facts about me (Kit)

Awesome fact: I’m mom’s first Beforever doll!

Random fact: I love taking pictures on mom’s camera! I also Love to write!

Birthday: May 19th

Age: 9 1/2

What type of doll: Beforever 🙂

Fave food: Vanilla cupcakes. 🙂

What I want to be when I grow up: A Journalist! 🙂

Personality: Spunky, kind, sarcastic, A complete tomboy. Full of ideas. LOVES photography and LOVES to write!

Favorite color: Bright, cheery, red. 🙂

Also, I added something new to all of the doll’s profiles. I added “Personality.”


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