The Evil Barbies~ Part 1~ AND Sad news

Hey, guys. Ok, let’s do the sad news first. So, my grandma was keeping me company at my house, and we let the dogs outside. So, a few minutes later, I heard barking. I went outside to see what was going on. And then, I heard a sad squeaking noise. I then saw my dogs dashing up the stairs and up onto our porch. And, then, I sew that they had hunted a Woodchuck. Ans the woodchuck was torn, but he was still squeaking. I would’ve saved him, but I think that he’d rather die, because it would be torture to him, because who want’s to live being torn? But anyways, he was finally dead, but I somehow got in the middle of all of that fighting, since my dogs were fighting over for the dead woodchuck. One of the dogs either bit me or scratched me, but when I went to the doctor’s, they couldn’t tell the difference. STUPID DOCTORS!!!!! So, they gave me this DISGUSTING medicine. AND IF IT WAS A CUT THEN I WOULDN’T”T NEED THAT MEDICINE. So if I have a cut, then that means that I am drink all of this medicine for nothing. Argh. But anyways, onto the Evil Barbies.


It was a boring day, and Belle had nothing to do. Suddenly, she had an Idea.


“Aarron! I have a great Idea! What if we ruin the American dolls, so that Liza can only play with us?” Said Belle. “Good Idea!” Said Aarron.


“But we have to get dressed in appropriate clothes for this.” She said.


Belle put her hair up in a bun. “Ok.” She said.


The two Barbies stuck there heads into the bag where all of the clothes were kept.


Orielle looked at them suspiciously, but said nothing.

Ok, so this isn’t where this was supposed to end, but WordPress did something weird to the rest of the pictures, so oh well. Bye for now! 🙂


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