Lookin’ Cool~ A Photoshoot

Hey, guys! I’m supposed to order Maryellen tonight, yay! 🙂 But anyways, Here is a photoshoot!




Yep. I finally made a perfect bun. This is the highest I could get it, and that’s pretty high if you ask me!


Ahh…. Her blue eyes…


I don’t really like this picture.


This one isn’t the best either…


Now this one I like! I might make this her new profile picture actually…


Yup. That’s a hand. Boring, huh? 😛

Hear is what Marie-Grace was wearing:

Top: A sleeveless shirt that I made out of an old sock.

Bottom; Short from the AG coconut fun outfit (I’m pretty sure it’s retired).

Shoes: Grace’s meet shoes.

Hairstyle: A perfect bun

Well, that’s all, people. Enjoy your day. Bye for now! 🙂

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