A Day In The Life Of A Doll

Hey, guys! Remember the day in the life of a doll? If you don’t, Click here. And now the doll who will get to write a post on this blog is…..

SIENNA! Ok, here’s Sienna.

Hello, lovely readers! Here I am:


Nice picture, huh? Kit was taking the pictures, and she’s a pretty good photographer. She wants to be a journalist when she grows up, and she wants to take pictures for her articles too. It’s weird that she hates to read and write fantasy stories, but oh well. Anyways, I’m paying Kit $10 for taking these pictures, and no one in the family takes good pictures besides Mom, but she was busy, and Kate expected me give her $20, so that’s why Kit’s taking the pictures. But anyways, enough with the ramblings.


Here is my pet, Honey! Isn’t he super Adorable?


Just look at his little shiny black nose!


Aww… He came over to me!

Sienna with Honey

Well, that’s all! Bye!


Wait… KIT?

Yes, it is I to get my $50.

Uh… no it’s $10!

It’s $10 for every picture, ya dummy.

I am NOT going to pay that much!

You gotta.


*Grabs money from Sienna’s purse*


~Sienn- coollogo_com-107361987


Ok, fine.





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