Looking back~ Old Pictures Of My Dolls That I Took

Hey, guys! I will post the next part of the new sister soon. I would’ve today, but there’s a guest coming over tonight, and I had to keep the attic nice and clean, because that’s where the guest is going to stay tonight (the attic is the guest room and where the TV is, and where I keep most of my toys including my AG dolls). But anyways, onto the post. Today we’ll be looking at the bad pictures that I used to make when I was younger with a trashy camera that I once thought took the best pictures ever. (It didn’t even have a focus, what was I thinking when I was a little kid?)

First, here is a terrible picture of Ruthie.

This picture was taken recently, sometime in March, 2015. By then, I was begging my parents for a better camera because mine was awful. My dad decided to order a better version of his camera, and he gave me his old one, which woeks SUPER well!

Hello, Marie-Grace! Watcha winking at?

Gosh, this picture looks so bad…

Good night, Kate! Wait… it’s in the middle of the day? My bad.

This picture was when I was trying to do a stopmotion. It ended up being an old boring slideshow.

I’m sorry Caroline, but what Happened to your Face? I can’t seem to see it.

This one might be the best picture so far… It looks way better then the ones before it!

I am so sorry Caroline, that I made you look hideous in this picture.

Shopping for pant’s huh? Nice pants, by the way.

Well, that’s all! Bye for now! 🙂


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