A Day In The Life Of A Doll

Hey, guys! I’m am SO sorry for not posting lately! I was just super busy because I had a lot of homework, and I went to New York. But anyways, It was Caroline’s birthday on October 22nd, and I was planning to do A Day In The Life Of A Doll, so I decided, why not let Caroline get to post? So… Here she is!

Hi! It was my birthday a couple of days ago, so I decided to show you the presents I got! The only people who didn’t give me a present were Mom and Lily, but that’s because Lily’s a baby, and Mom’s didn’t come in the mail yet. 🙂 

  Present #1: Shirt From Ellie


Ellie gave me this shirt, and I love it, mostly because it was made by her. Inkpot doesn’t approve though, because it has all dogs. 🙂

Present #2: Purse From Sienna


Sienna got this purse when she went to London during the summer.

Present #3: Bow from Nancy


I Actually like this bow, considering it came from Nancy! I thought she spent a lot of money on it, but then Ruthie told me that she got it from the dollar store.

Present #4: Elephant from Marie-Grace


Marie-Grace got this wooden Elephant for me when she went to Colorado about a week before my birthday! She got to miss school on Monday and Friday to go to Colorado, which I think is unfair.

Present #5: Makeup Kit From Grace


Grace got this makeup kit for me because she said that since I’m in middle school now, I have to wear makeup to be one of the cool kids, like she is, but I’m only gonna use the makeup on special occasions. 🙂

Present #6: Sheep from Kate


Kate got this toy sheep for me, because she knew that I’ve always wanted a toy sheep. 🙂

Present #7: Jasmine figurine From Ruthie


I’ve always wanted a Jasmine doll or figurine, because Jasmine is my favorite Disney Princess, besides Ariel. 🙂

Present #8: Bag Of Tooth Care Items From Kit


I have know idea why Kit gave me a tooth care bag, but oh well. 🙂

Well, that’s all! Bye for now!

~Crabbyaglover and Caroline


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