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Christmas Presents ~ Part 2 ~ Ellie’s ~

Hey, guys! Ellie here! Today I’m going to show you my Christmas Presents! 🙂


But first, I have to show you guys my wonderful Christmas outfit. Kim, Kit’s doll, is wearing the same thing! 🙂 Message from Kim: Hello Everyone! I look wonderful, don’t I? I bet Kathy, Kate’s doll, is Jelly (Jealous). 🙂  



Ok, back to me. 🙂 First, here is an iPhone that Sienna got me! Mom gave her the money to buy it, but still. IT’S AN IPHONE!!!


I also got Dominoes. 🙂


The last present that I got was… A DOG!!! He’s an old jolly fellow. His name is Scooter. 🙂

Well, that’s all! The reason that I only got three presents was because I got two expensive presents, Scooter and the iPhone. 🙂 But anyways, I gotta go now. See ya next time!


P.S: Don’t you just love this logo? I designed it by myself, with help from Mom (Crabbyaglover). 



A Skirt That I Sewed

Hey, guys! About a week ago, I sewed this really cool skirt! I sewed without a pattern. 🙂


Here is the skirt! This angle isn’t the best, the skirt looks cooler from the side. 🙂


This angle is way better. 🙂 This was my Christmas present for Marie-Grace. 🙂

Well, that’s all! By for now! 🙂


Christmas Presents ~ Part 1 ~ Kate’s~

Hey, guys! I hope you had a very Merry Christmas! I certainly did! I was begging for an iPad, but I didn’t get one for my birthday. My parents said that they wouldn’t get me one, but on Christmas, they did! They actually wrapped the iPad in a Hello Kitty T-Shirt, because they knew how much I hated Hello Kitty. But I felt something heavy in the box, too, and guess what?! IT WAS AN IPAD!!!! So yeah… I’m super happy. 🙂 But anyways, my dolls wanted to show you what they got for Christmas, so here they are. 🙂

Hello, everyone! It’s Kate here. 🙂 I’m super excited to show you what I got for Christmas. so let’s get started! 🙂


First, I got a doll. I ‘m going to name her Mary. 🙂


My favorite present would have to be this pig, though. I named her Ms. Piggie. 


I also got this cool drum. 🙂


Mom made me this bed for Coconut, and gave it to me for Christmas. Coconut loves it so much. He’s been sleeping on it all day! 🙂


Caroline got me this board thingy where you bounce a ball on this board. I love it so much! 🙂


Since we don’t get American Girl Magazines in the mail, I was so happy when I got this. I can’t wait to read it! 🙂


Ellie made me this nice scarf. I really like it! 🙂


Ruthie had Ellie make Coconut this cute hat. 🙂


And last but not least, I got this nice Rubix Cube. 🙂

Well, that’s all! Stay tuned to see what Ellie got for Christmas. Bye for now! 🙂










My Birthday!!!

Hey, guys! My Birthday was yesterday! Yay! It was also Kate’s. 🙂 So Happy Late Birthday, Kate! 🙂 But anyways, I decided to show you what I got for my birthday. Sorry this post isn’t really doll related, but anyways, onto the post! 🙂

  1. Fashion Plates


This is from my grandma. Basically you just trace over these plate thingies and you can design clothes and stuff. 🙂

2. Lego Elves


This is from my dad. I’m not really into Legos anymore, but I think that I’ll be into them again once I build this, because this Lego set looks really cool. 🙂

3. Shirt


This is from my mom. The shirt fabric feels really comfortable, so I’m looking forward to wearing this. 🙂

4. Storage thingy


This is from my grandpa. I’m not sure what it’s for, I think it’s a storage thingy or a picnic thing, I’m not sure. 🙂

5. Maryellen books


This is also from my grandpa. These are Maryellen’s first two books. I already have them, so I’m going to give them to my friend for Christmas. 🙂

6. Maryellen’s dog, Scooter


And last but not least… Maryellen’s dog, Scooter! My parent’s got him for me. I’m going to give it to Ellie for Christmas. 🙂

My sister also got me something, but she forgot it at her boyfriends house, so she’ll give it to me next week. 🙂

Well, that’s all! Bye for now! 🙂




CWWC~Second Story

Hey, guys! I wan’t able to post the story before this, because it somehow go deleted and I didn’t have enough time to rewrite the whole thing. But anyways, I hope you enjoy my story! 🙂


The Missing Children

“Come on, It’s 1:30,” whispered Hera, my twin sister, loudly. I rolled over in bed and crawled out. I wasn’t the sneaking out type of kid, but I owed Hera for getting her into trouble, so Hera was making me go with her to the old dump that was behind the “no trespassing” sign that ran behind the ghetto part of our big city, Sille.

“Why are we even going there anyways,” I asked. “Artemis, get your coat and shoes,” said Hera, not answering my question.

“I don’t think that Greek goddesses would do this,” I said, while pulling on my old, ripped, jean jacket that I had since I was nine. I was now thirteen, so that jacket was obviously too small on me.

“We’re only named after Greek goddesses, we’re not actually goddesses,” said Hera, “you should know this by now.”

I ignored her and slipped on my dad’s old shoes that we stuffed with newspaper so that it fit.

“I’m ready,” I said, and looked straight at Hera. Everything’s going to be all right, I won’t get into trouble, I thought, and I kept repeating that, until I was calm. Hera lead me to our old, cracked window, and slowly removed the cracked piece. She slithered out, making it look easy, and motioned for me to follow. I pushed myself up onto the window, and tried to go through. It wasn’t easy at all. Finally, after a few tries, I managed to squeeze myself through. Hera placed the piece of glass back in the window, and started to walk to the dump.

Suddenly, she stopped. “What happened?” I asked. “Do you hear that noise?” she asked. “Wait,” I suddenly remembered. There had been a news article about three missing children that were out after dawn. They had never come back, and no one knows why.

“Th-the missing kids,” said Hera, now looking very frightened. “I think that someone kidnapped them.”

And then, the world went black.

                                      ~   ~   ~    
The story was in the news article the next day. But this time, there was a ransom note on the bulletin board right outside of the government building. Since the twin’s parents didn’t have that much money, they never got their children again.       


So… how did you like this? Yup, there’s no happy ending to this story. 🙂 But anyways, bye for now! 🙂



Review Of The American Girl Store Collection ~ Part 3 ~ The Recess Ready Outfit

Hey, guys! I probably won’t be posting as much this month, because of CWWC, and also because I now have…. Deviant Art! It’s where you can share your artwork or photography and stuff. A Friend of mine told me about it. She writes poems on it. They are SUPER good. 🙂 If you ever get an account, tell me, and then we can follow each other! But anyways, let’s get onto the post. 🙂


First, here is the dress. There is a little purple bow in the middle. 🙂


There are little polka dots, and the dress has some sparkles sewn in.


There are also fake pockets.


Here is the American Girl Tag.


Next, are the leggings! They are a Pretty Indigo color. 🙂


On the side there is one pink stripe.


Next, is the pink scarf!


The scarf is sparkly on the sides. Also, the scarf is already sewn into place, so all you have to do is Velcro it in the back, and, Voila! The scarf looks perfect on your doll! 🙂


Lastly, here are the shoes. I love them so much! But that’s probably ’cause I have an obsession with doll shoes right now. 🙂


One of the straps is already sewn into place, and the other you have to Velcro closed.


Here is an overview of the outfit. And now it’s time for a photoshoot! 🙂


This picture is my second favorite. 🙂


This is my favorite. This might be Caroline’s new profile picture. 🙂


I like this angle that this picture was taken in. 🙂



This one looks a little… dark? Dull? I don’t know how to explain it. 😉


A shot of Caroline’s beautiful eyes!

Well, that’s all! By the way, don’t forget to enter the Winter Photo contest! Just send in a picture of your doll doing something wintery. My email is agdollsandfun@gmail.com. I will announce my top three (or five) on December 21st.

Well, that’s all! Bye for now! 🙂

~ Crabbyaglover


CWWC ~ Second Story

Hey, guys! I’ll try to post the third part of the american girl store play set soon. 🙂 But anyways, here is my next story! WARNING: This story is super long!




                               The True Queen

I woke up to someone shaking me awake. My eyes snapped open, and I saw Allison, my maid standing in front of me. Her face was red and puffy, as if she were crying just now. But then, when I saw a tear slide down her face, I then realized that she had in fact, been crying.


“Your highness,” Allison started to say, “your mother and father have been found in their rooms….” She started to cry again, and I let her sit down on the bed next to me. When she was done crying, she looked up again.

“Princess Sarah, your parents-the king and queen-have been found dead,” She said. I stared at Allison, my maid who was secretly been my friend.

“You cannot be serious. How can they be dead?” I asked. “The-they were a bloody mess on the floor when Barbara came in to help pick out their clothes for today,” Said Allison. Barbara was another maid, and she was also Allison’s cousin.


“I need proof,” I said sternly. I would not believe this until I had proof. No one could enter the palace, there were guards around the entire castle day and night. There was no possible way someone could have gone in and killed my parents. Also, everyone adored my mother and father. Father had built homes where the homeless could live, and Mother gave some of our money too very poor families, especially if they had young children.


“They have cleaned up your parent’s bodies and are right now planning their funeral. There might be some blood stains, though,” said Allison. I crawled out of bed and walked after Allison, until we came to the big doors.


“Are you sure you want to see?” asked Allison. “Of course,” I said. Allison slowly turned the doorknob, and pushed the door open. I looked around the big room, and then I saw it. The blood. I rushed over to where the blood stain was, and bent down, trying to figure out if it was just a trick, or if indeed, my parents were dead. I touched the blood, and smelled it. It smelled like death. But there was also some kind of smell that I couldn’t describe. But it was enough to tell me that my parents were dead.


“No. No…. they cannot be dead. This cannot be there blood.” I said. Allison bent down next to be, and wrapped her arm around my shoulder. I buried my face into her, and cried. Allison let the tears stream down the front of her dress, even if it was a uniform that was supposed to be kept clean at all times.

“ It’s all right. You’ll survive this. You will,” whispered Allison into my ear, and then everything went black.


                                               ~A Day Later~


“Oh, thank goodness, she awake!” yelled someone. I looked around the big room. Where was I? And why did I feel like something bad happened? I closed my eyes, trying to remember what happened. I must’ve fainted. But why? And then it hit me. My parents had been killed. I started to sob again, but soon I ran out of tears.


“It’s all right, darling, it’s gonna be alright.” Said Nurse Abigail, who was from the south. She hugged me, but then she had to go back to her work. I slowly got out of the bed, and tiptoed out of the room, otherwise known as the sick room. I quietly shut the door, walked down the hallway and  up the big spiraling stairs, and then started to open the door to my room when I heard voices. I paused, wondering where the voices were coming from. They seemed to be coming from the sunroom. I slowly tiptoed down the hallway, and then stood at the door listening.


“How can you be the princess’ aunt? Her mother had told us that she has no sisters, and the King has no sisters either.” I gasped. My mother or father had a sister and they never told me? Could that be?


“I have papers,” said the woman who was talking. Her voice wasn’t beautiful and delicate like my mother’s, but instead the exact opposite. She could not be my aunt. But then again, she did have papers…


I heard a rustling of papers, and then I heard the man mutter something under his breath that I couldn’t quite hear. And then I heard him say it.


“You are Princess Sarah’s aunt.”


                                                             ~  ~  ~   


It was a week after my parent’s death, and my aunt had completely taken over. Even though I was supposed to be the queen, she had said that I was only 12 years old, way to young to be queen. Also, she said that I didn’t have any manners, so even if I was old enough, I would still not be the queen. Today, my aunt, who told me to call her Queen Belinda, was teaching me how to walk with my back straight, and my head held high.


“Lift up your head princess, if not the crown falls…” Said Queen Belinda. I sighed, but did as she said. Suddenly, the door slammed open, and there was Allison. I hadn’t seen her since the day my parents died, so I was overjoyed to see her. I rushed to her and we both hugged.


“I’ve missed you, Princess Sarah,” Allison said. “I’ve missed you more,” I said. Even though I was still really sad because of my parent’s deaths, I was still really happy when Allison had come in. Everyday I had to be taught manners, and usually the lessons lasted all day.


“Maid, get out of Sarah’s room this instance! You are not to bother her lessons!” Yelled Queen Belinda. “It’s all right, Queen Belinda, she’s my best friend,” I said, but Queen Belinda stared at me in shock.

“Princess’ are not to befriend maids, it is not proper!” Yelled Queen Belinda. Allison opened the door and rushed out, mumbling a quick goodbye to me. I shut the door behind her, and then turned back to my aunt.


“You are nothing like my mother,” I whispered, “you are evil.”


                                                                                    ~  ~  ~


I woke up, but I didn’t know why. I looked around my room. It was pitch black. I slowly slid out of my canopy bed and walked to the window. I could see the full moon, and if I squinted, I could the dark shape of the guards. I tiptoed to my door, and pushed it open. Now I remembered why I had woken up. I forgot my doll in my parent’s room, which was where Queen Belinda slept now. I walked to the bedroom door and slowly pushed it open. I peeked in, expecting it to be pitch black, but instead there was a faint glow in the middle of the room. I pushed the door open a little wider, and then I saw Queen Belinda behind some sort of pot. A cauldron, I realized. The faint glow was greenish, and I saw Queen Belinda muttering something. I didn’t dare step closer, even though I wanted too. I had a feeling that she would kill me if she saw me.


I pulled the door closed, and then I walked back to my room as quietly as I could. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to fall back asleep, so I read a little, but I kept on thinking of what I had seen. Queen Belinda had been doing something, that involved magic. That meant that Queen Belinda was a sorceress. Also, I had a feeling that she wasn’t my aunt. She was just an imposter, trying to take over the world. And then, that was when I realized it. Queen Belinda had killed my parents. I stood up from my desk chair and ran to the door, knowing that I was doing something very stupid. I was going to try to kill a witch.


I pushed the door open to my parent’s bedroom, and found Queen Belinda asleep. I relaxed, thinking that it would be easy to kill her, but then Queen Belinda sat straight up, and looked at me.


“I know what you are thinking,” She said, “you want to kill me.” I nodded. “Well, little princess, not if I kill you first.”


Queen Belinda floated out of bed, and quickly moved to the long mirror. I looked down at my hands. Great. I didn’t bother to bring anything like a knife. I was probably going to die. But something did seem suspicious of Queen Belinda guarding the mirror… Maybe it was valuable. I leapt forward, and tried to grab the mirror, but I missed. I fell, and started to stand up, but then I felt like something was pushing me. Of course. Queen Belinda was fighting me with magic. Finally, I managed to stand up to Queen Belinda’s surprise, and then I tried again. This time, I managed to grab the mirror.


Queen belinda lunged for it, but fell right next to me. I had no idea what to do with the mirror. I watched Queen Belinda stand up, and I felt helpless. And pretty stupid. I mean, I had grabbed the mirror just because she was guarding it, and now I was just standing in the middle of the room, letting her kill me.


“Throw the mirror at her, Sarah!” I whirled around to the doorway, and saw Allison standing there. “Do it!” She yelled again. I hesitated, but finally took a step forward. Queen Belinda smiled. She was probably going to dodge it just in time, grab the mirror, and then I would for sure be killed. I finally threw the mirror, and then I heard a cry. I looked down at my feet, and saw Queen Belinda.


“How dare you,” she said, “how dare you.” And then she fell silent. She was dead. Allison walked over to me, avoiding all of the broken glass lying all around Queen Belinda. She put her arm around my shoulder, and whispered to me, “you’re the queen now.” I smiled up at her. “Thank you for helping me,” I whispered back, “if it weren’t for you, I would’ve died.”
Allison smiled at me, and then grabbed my hand. “Come on,” she said, “we have to tell the world what happened!” We both skipped toward the door, and down the stairs. And for once, I felt truly happy since my parent’s death.

Well, that’s all! Hey, I did warn you that it was super long… Oh, and also, before you go, I would like to remind you of the Winter Photo contest that I’m having! Just send in a picture of your doll(s) doing something wintery. I will pick my top three favorites on December 15th. Yeah, I changed the date. 😛 My email is agdollsandfun@gmail.com  I hope you enter! 🙂

Well, that’s all. Bye for now! 🙂


CWWC ~ First story~ + Winter Photo Contest

Hey, guys! Wow. I haven’t posted in what, eight days? Sorry ’bout that. There were guests over and stuff, so I couldn’t post anything. But anyways. Onto the post.

Loren, from Blue Eyes Gray Eyes is having a writing contest, where she gives you prompts and you have to write a story using the prompt. I’m on Team Narnia! Yay! But anyways, enjoy!


Via ^

writing prompt

Via ^

I looked around what seemed to be a girl’s room, cluttered with toys. There was a big teddy bear on her bed, and a lot of legos spilling out of the big plastic toy bin. Under me, was an old wooden desk scattered with the girl’s crayons. There was also a drawing that she hadn’t even finished yet. It was a banana.

“I’m home!”

The door to the girl’s room slammed open. She looked to be about nine years old, or maybe she was ten. I wasn’t sure. She had short brown hair and big green eyes. She was wearing a plain pink t-shirt and green pants.

Suddenly, the girl noticed me. Her big green eyes widened as she continued to stare at me. Finally, she looked down and threw her backpack off her shoulders.

“I told mom not to buy me a stupid painting.” The girl muttered under her breath.

She jumped onto her wooden desk chair, and reached up to me. Please don’t let her take me off the wall, please, I begged.

“You’re getting put into the basement, stupid old painting,” Said the girl. She doesn’t know that I have feelings! I thought. How could this be? Everything had feelings, even I, even if I was a painting. Plus, I thought, There are other paintings of me, but but I am the first. I am the original. 

The girl grabbed me, and flung me off the wall, as if I was just a heap of garbage. This girl has no respect to wonderful paintings like me. I thought as I landed onto her bed, face down.I desperately tried to move, I hated not seeing things. But then I remembered. Paintings can’t move. And then, at that moment, I hated being a painting. I also hated the girl, for hating me.

Suddenly, The girl picked me up, but this time gently. What’s going on? I wondered.

“You’re alive,” the girl whispered to me,”I saw you blink.” I blinked again, and the girl nodded.

” You’re a girl, just like me,” Said the girl. then she sighed. “I didn’t know if I could trust paintings like you,” She said. “I knew you were alive, my mom always says that paintings are alive, like humans and animals. I just didn’t know if they were nice or mean. That’s why my mom got you for me. I didn’t want you, but now I do, because now, I finally have a friend.”

And that being said, the girl dropped me onto the couch, and sat next to me. “Let’s take a nap,” She said, and after a couple of minuted, she fell into a deep sleep, and shortly after, so did I. I had a wonderful dream where I had walked out of my painting. and into a wonderful field full of beautiful flowers. But now, I didn’t care if I was stuck in a painting. I had a friend, and that was all that counted.

Well, that’s all! How did you like it? I bet you skipped through it all. 😛 But anyways, I’m having a….. WINTER PHOTO CONTEST!!!! YAY!!! All you have to do is send in a picture of your doll doing something wintery. My email is: agdollsandfun@gmail.com

Sorry, but there are no prizes. This is just for fun. In three weeks, I will show you all of the entries, and then pick my top three (or five, it depends how many people enter) favorites. Then, I will let you guys choose the final winner.

Winter Kate.jpg

This is a really cute edit that I made. I really like it, don’t you?

Well, that’s all! Bye for now! 🙂