CWWC ~ First story~ + Winter Photo Contest

Hey, guys! Wow. I haven’t posted in what, eight days? Sorry ’bout that. There were guests over and stuff, so I couldn’t post anything. But anyways. Onto the post.

Loren, from Blue Eyes Gray Eyes is having a writing contest, where she gives you prompts and you have to write a story using the prompt. I’m on Team Narnia! Yay! But anyways, enjoy!


Via ^

writing prompt

Via ^

I looked around what seemed to be a girl’s room, cluttered with toys. There was a big teddy bear on her bed, and a lot of legos spilling out of the big plastic toy bin. Under me, was an old wooden desk scattered with the girl’s crayons. There was also a drawing that she hadn’t even finished yet. It was a banana.

“I’m home!”

The door to the girl’s room slammed open. She looked to be about nine years old, or maybe she was ten. I wasn’t sure. She had short brown hair and big green eyes. She was wearing a plain pink t-shirt and green pants.

Suddenly, the girl noticed me. Her big green eyes widened as she continued to stare at me. Finally, she looked down and threw her backpack off her shoulders.

“I told mom not to buy me a stupid painting.” The girl muttered under her breath.

She jumped onto her wooden desk chair, and reached up to me. Please don’t let her take me off the wall, please, I begged.

“You’re getting put into the basement, stupid old painting,” Said the girl. She doesn’t know that I have feelings! I thought. How could this be? Everything had feelings, even I, even if I was a painting. Plus, I thought, There are other paintings of me, but but I am the first. I am the original. 

The girl grabbed me, and flung me off the wall, as if I was just a heap of garbage. This girl has no respect to wonderful paintings like me. I thought as I landed onto her bed, face down.I desperately tried to move, I hated not seeing things. But then I remembered. Paintings can’t move. And then, at that moment, I hated being a painting. I also hated the girl, for hating me.

Suddenly, The girl picked me up, but this time gently. What’s going on? I wondered.

“You’re alive,” the girl whispered to me,”I saw you blink.” I blinked again, and the girl nodded.

” You’re a girl, just like me,” Said the girl. then she sighed. “I didn’t know if I could trust paintings like you,” She said. “I knew you were alive, my mom always says that paintings are alive, like humans and animals. I just didn’t know if they were nice or mean. That’s why my mom got you for me. I didn’t want you, but now I do, because now, I finally have a friend.”

And that being said, the girl dropped me onto the couch, and sat next to me. “Let’s take a nap,” She said, and after a couple of minuted, she fell into a deep sleep, and shortly after, so did I. I had a wonderful dream where I had walked out of my painting. and into a wonderful field full of beautiful flowers. But now, I didn’t care if I was stuck in a painting. I had a friend, and that was all that counted.

Well, that’s all! How did you like it? I bet you skipped through it all. 😛 But anyways, I’m having a….. WINTER PHOTO CONTEST!!!! YAY!!! All you have to do is send in a picture of your doll doing something wintery. My email is:

Sorry, but there are no prizes. This is just for fun. In three weeks, I will show you all of the entries, and then pick my top three (or five, it depends how many people enter) favorites. Then, I will let you guys choose the final winner.

Winter Kate.jpg

This is a really cute edit that I made. I really like it, don’t you?

Well, that’s all! Bye for now! 🙂







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