CWWC~Second Story

Hey, guys! I wan’t able to post the story before this, because it somehow go deleted and I didn’t have enough time to rewrite the whole thing. But anyways, I hope you enjoy my story! 🙂


The Missing Children

“Come on, It’s 1:30,” whispered Hera, my twin sister, loudly. I rolled over in bed and crawled out. I wasn’t the sneaking out type of kid, but I owed Hera for getting her into trouble, so Hera was making me go with her to the old dump that was behind the “no trespassing” sign that ran behind the ghetto part of our big city, Sille.

“Why are we even going there anyways,” I asked. “Artemis, get your coat and shoes,” said Hera, not answering my question.

“I don’t think that Greek goddesses would do this,” I said, while pulling on my old, ripped, jean jacket that I had since I was nine. I was now thirteen, so that jacket was obviously too small on me.

“We’re only named after Greek goddesses, we’re not actually goddesses,” said Hera, “you should know this by now.”

I ignored her and slipped on my dad’s old shoes that we stuffed with newspaper so that it fit.

“I’m ready,” I said, and looked straight at Hera. Everything’s going to be all right, I won’t get into trouble, I thought, and I kept repeating that, until I was calm. Hera lead me to our old, cracked window, and slowly removed the cracked piece. She slithered out, making it look easy, and motioned for me to follow. I pushed myself up onto the window, and tried to go through. It wasn’t easy at all. Finally, after a few tries, I managed to squeeze myself through. Hera placed the piece of glass back in the window, and started to walk to the dump.

Suddenly, she stopped. “What happened?” I asked. “Do you hear that noise?” she asked. “Wait,” I suddenly remembered. There had been a news article about three missing children that were out after dawn. They had never come back, and no one knows why.

“Th-the missing kids,” said Hera, now looking very frightened. “I think that someone kidnapped them.”

And then, the world went black.

                                      ~   ~   ~    
The story was in the news article the next day. But this time, there was a ransom note on the bulletin board right outside of the government building. Since the twin’s parents didn’t have that much money, they never got their children again.       


So… how did you like this? Yup, there’s no happy ending to this story. 🙂 But anyways, bye for now! 🙂



6 thoughts on “CWWC~Second Story

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