BIBPC + Old Photos of Ruthie

Hey, guys! I am so, so, so sorry that I haven’t posted in a long time. I was super busy with school and homework, and then I went to Montreal for vacation. But anyways, moving on.

Here is my picture for BIBPC:

Caroline the beutiful.jpg

This picture will probably be Caroline’s new Profile picture. 🙂 I think it looks cool, don’t you? 😉 But anyways, moving on.

Ruthie’s birthday was on February 10th, so I decided to show you guys some old pictures of her! 🙂

Ruthie's School Picture 2015-2016

First, here is her school picture. 🙂

This picture is an old one that I took with my old, cheap camera. 😉


I think this picture was used in a photostory. I’m not sure, though. 😉


And lastly, I have this cute picture of Ruthie with Meatloaf. 🙂

Well, that’s all! I will be working on Lea’s profile now. 🙂 Bye for now!

Sign Off


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