Trying out Snapchat filters on my dolls!

Hey, guys. Sorry for not posting In a REALLY long time. I was on vacation in Florida  and I had no time to post anything so sorry about that. But anyways, so that this post was more interesting, I’m going to share with you my dolls with Snapchat filters! 

Grace looks so cute as a puppy! This is my favorite Snapchat filter. πŸ˜„

Um… Yeah…. I don’t really like this filter. 😬

Here’s Caroline as a Tomato. πŸ˜‚

Leia makes a pretty good Zebra! πŸ‘

Kit as an Alien😜

Here’s Ellie as a… Um.. I don’t know. A person with lipstick and glitter around her eyes. πŸ€“

Here’s Ruthie with a cat on her head. 😊

Here’s Ellie again! I love this sooo much. This might be Ellie’s new profile pic. What do you think? πŸ˜„

Here’s my friends doll, Carmen with a flower crown. 😊

As a little bonus I face swapped Kit and Grace. πŸ˜‚

Well, that’s all! Bye for now!πŸ‰