Christmas Presents ~ Part 2 ~ Ellie’s ~

Hey, guys! Ellie here! Today I’m going to show you my Christmas Presents! 🙂


But first, I have to show you guys my wonderful Christmas outfit. Kim, Kit’s doll, is wearing the same thing! 🙂 Message from Kim: Hello Everyone! I look wonderful, don’t I? I bet Kathy, Kate’s doll, is Jelly (Jealous). 🙂  



Ok, back to me. 🙂 First, here is an iPhone that Sienna got me! Mom gave her the money to buy it, but still. IT’S AN IPHONE!!!


I also got Dominoes. 🙂


The last present that I got was… A DOG!!! He’s an old jolly fellow. His name is Scooter. 🙂

Well, that’s all! The reason that I only got three presents was because I got two expensive presents, Scooter and the iPhone. 🙂 But anyways, I gotta go now. See ya next time!


P.S: Don’t you just love this logo? I designed it by myself, with help from Mom (Crabbyaglover). 



A Day In The Life Of A Doll

Hey, guys! I’m am SO sorry for not posting lately! I was just super busy because I had a lot of homework, and I went to New York. But anyways, It was Caroline’s birthday on October 22nd, and I was planning to do A Day In The Life Of A Doll, so I decided, why not let Caroline get to post? So… Here she is!

Hi! It was my birthday a couple of days ago, so I decided to show you the presents I got! The only people who didn’t give me a present were Mom and Lily, but that’s because Lily’s a baby, and Mom’s didn’t come in the mail yet. 🙂 

  Present #1: Shirt From Ellie


Ellie gave me this shirt, and I love it, mostly because it was made by her. Inkpot doesn’t approve though, because it has all dogs. 🙂

Present #2: Purse From Sienna


Sienna got this purse when she went to London during the summer.

Present #3: Bow from Nancy


I Actually like this bow, considering it came from Nancy! I thought she spent a lot of money on it, but then Ruthie told me that she got it from the dollar store.

Present #4: Elephant from Marie-Grace


Marie-Grace got this wooden Elephant for me when she went to Colorado about a week before my birthday! She got to miss school on Monday and Friday to go to Colorado, which I think is unfair.

Present #5: Makeup Kit From Grace


Grace got this makeup kit for me because she said that since I’m in middle school now, I have to wear makeup to be one of the cool kids, like she is, but I’m only gonna use the makeup on special occasions. 🙂

Present #6: Sheep from Kate


Kate got this toy sheep for me, because she knew that I’ve always wanted a toy sheep. 🙂

Present #7: Jasmine figurine From Ruthie


I’ve always wanted a Jasmine doll or figurine, because Jasmine is my favorite Disney Princess, besides Ariel. 🙂

Present #8: Bag Of Tooth Care Items From Kit


I have know idea why Kit gave me a tooth care bag, but oh well. 🙂

Well, that’s all! Bye for now!

~Crabbyaglover and Caroline


A Day In The Life Of A Doll

Hey, guys! Remember the day in the life of a doll? If you don’t, Click here. And now the doll who will get to write a post on this blog is…..

SIENNA! Ok, here’s Sienna.

Hello, lovely readers! Here I am:


Nice picture, huh? Kit was taking the pictures, and she’s a pretty good photographer. She wants to be a journalist when she grows up, and she wants to take pictures for her articles too. It’s weird that she hates to read and write fantasy stories, but oh well. Anyways, I’m paying Kit $10 for taking these pictures, and no one in the family takes good pictures besides Mom, but she was busy, and Kate expected me give her $20, so that’s why Kit’s taking the pictures. But anyways, enough with the ramblings.


Here is my pet, Honey! Isn’t he super Adorable?


Just look at his little shiny black nose!


Aww… He came over to me!

Sienna with Honey

Well, that’s all! Bye!


Wait… KIT?

Yes, it is I to get my $50.

Uh… no it’s $10!

It’s $10 for every picture, ya dummy.

I am NOT going to pay that much!

You gotta.


*Grabs money from Sienna’s purse*


~Sienn- coollogo_com-107361987


Ok, fine.




The day in the life of a doll

Hey, guys! Is today the ninth? Or the eighth? I’m pretty sure it’s the eighth… but WordPress said that yesterday was the eighth… so I’m confused…. But anyways, I decided to do this thing, called, The day in the life of a doll. There will be a post from one of my dolls once a week. This week the doll who will post will be……..


Ok. Here is Ruthie she’s ready.

Hello, people. I’m Ruthie. For this post,I just decided to show you a bunch of selfies! Here they are.


ok… fine. This wasn’t a selfie. But I still think the picture’s great, so whatever.






Close-up of the eye…