Endless Styles+Isabelle’s Fashion Studio

Hey, guys! Yup, I haven’t posted for 7 days. Sorry ’bout that. There were guest’s coming over to my house for Thanksgiving, and unfortunately they slept in the guest room, where I keep my dolls. Oh, and also, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! How was your Thanksgiving? Did you eat a turkey? I did, even though I don’t like turkey. I mean, I can eat it, it’s not as bad as vegetables, but I still don’t like it. But anyways, let’s get onto the post. 🙂

Ok, so you might be wondering about the title. Well, I decided to play some games on American Girl ’cause I was bored, and I came across two games, where you can pick cool outfits and stuff like that. There a Beforever one called endless styles, and an Isabelle one called Isabelle’s fashion studio. Since I love fashion designing and stuff like that (I want to be a fashion designer or a New York Times bestselling author when I grow up) I got addicted to those games right away, so I decided to make out fits for every day of the week using these two games. So… here they are!

  1. Monday

casual monday outfit.jpg

Sorry these pictures are kinda blurry, but anyways, here is the outfit. The Jacket is supposed to be from Caroline’s girl sized collection, and the shirt and pants are supposed to be from Addy’s girl sized collection, and I’m pretty sure the shoes are from Maryellen’s girl sized collection. 🙂

2.   Tuesday

casual tuesday outfit.jpg

I think that this one would have to be my favorite. 🙂 The sweater and shirt are supposed to be from Kaya’s girl sized collection, and the pants from Maryellen’t girl sized collection. I’m not sure who’s collection the boots are from, but I think that it’s from Josefina’s girl sized collection. 🙂

3. Wednesday

casual wednsday outfit.jpg

Yup, this outfit is from Isabelle’s fashion Studio game. 🙂 So… that’s the outfit! 🙂

4. Thursday

casual thursday outfit.jpg

This outfit is all Josefina. I don’t know why all of these backgrounds are blue, maybe it’s because blue is my favorite out of all of the colors. 🙂

5. Friday

casual friday outfit.jpg

I really like the t-shirt that Isabelle is wearing in this outfit. I also really like the shoes. 🙂

6. Saturday

casual saturday outfit.jpg

Don’t you think that this outfit looks so cozy? I think that it’s perfect for a Saturday. 🙂

7. Sunday outfit

casual sunday outfit.jpg

I really like the dress in this outfit. The shirt that is under the dress is supposed to be from Samantha’s girl sized collection, and the dress is supposed to be from Kit’s girl sized collection. The shoes are supposed to be from Maryellen’s girl sized collection. 🙂

Well, that’s all! Which one was your favorite outfit? Do you want me to show you different outfits that I’ve made?

Bye for now! 🙂

AG Dolls And Fun sign-off.jpg

P.s. So you like the sign off that I made? 🙂