Favorite Items From Etsy

Hey, guys! Today I decided to look at american girl doll stuff on Etsy. I don’t usually shop there, but I hope to start someday. 🙂 But anyways, let’s get this post started! 🙂

  1. Handmade Mustache Print Dress

American Girl Doll Clothes -Handmade - Mustache Print Dress

I really like this! I have a little obsession with mustaches and so does Kate, so I would get this! You can get this dress HERE.

2. Peach Flowers Cat Ear Headband

peach flowers cat ear headband for american girl dolls

This is so Adorable You can get this headband HERE.

3. Blue and Chevron Denim Shorts

Blue and chevron denim shorts for 18 inch dolls like the American Girl Doll

I LOVE these! Since I am also obsessed with everything mismatched (ans so does Kate; she’s my mini me!), I would definitely buy this.  You can get these shorts HERE.

4. Cherry Tennies

American Girl doll clothes, shoes, cherry tennies

I think that these are so adorable! You can get these cute shoes HERE.

5. Minion Skirt

American Girl Doll Clothes Silly Minion Skirt V1

I really love minions, and since Caroline has a little obsession with them, I would buy this minion skirt for her. You can buy the skirt HERE.

6. Neon Green Bubble Fleece Hoodie

American Girl doll clothes-  Neon green  bubble fleece  hoodie.

I really want this! I bet Kate would where this the most. 🙂 You can buy this sweater HERE.

7. I Heart Santa Doll Outfit

I Heart Santa American Girl Doll Outfit, Doll Costume, Christmas American Girl

I need this so, so, so much! I really like how it comes with the shirt, skirt, and leggings. You can buy this cute outfit HERE.

8. White T-shirt With Fox Decal

White T-Shirt With Fox Decal for American Girl Dolls

This is SO cute! I love the fox decal on it. You can but this shirt HERE.

9. MADDIES Tom Style Shoes

MADDIES - Toms Style Shoes for American Girl,18 inch Doll - Gold Sparkle

These shoes are too cute! You can buy them HERE.

10. Grace Thomas Shirt With French Bulldog

American Girl Grace Thomas pink knit shirt with bulldog picture and black knit leggings

This is so cute! I love the french bulldog. You can buy this shirt HERE.

Well, that’s all! Which Etsy item was your favorite?