Different Hairstyles

Hey, Guys! I will be showing you a couple of different hairstyles! (Caroline is modeling them!)

My beautiful picture

First, Here is the Kirsten hairstyle! just make two braids and bobby pin them in a circle thingy.

My beautiful picture

Next, here is this hairstyle. I call it “Bear ears”. Just make a bun on each side of your doll’s hair, and leave some hair out!

My beautiful picture

And now, here is a very cool hairstyle. Just make three braids and connect them all together!

My beautiful picture

Then Lastly, a regular bun. I’m sorry This picture was sideways!

A very cool hairstyle!

Hey, guys, Caroline here! Liza’s best friend made a very cool hairstyle on me!


The front…


And the back!

To make the hairstyle, take 2 small sections of your dolls’s hair and twist it.

Then, tie it with a hair elastic.

Take the rest of your dolls’s hair and braid it.

You are done!

Sorry there aren’t any pictures. I didn’t have enough time to take any.

I hope you liked this hairstyle!