Updates, Pictures, and More!

Hey, guys! Sorry for not posting in a month. :/ As all of you know, it’s nearing the end of the school year, so I have to study for a lot of tests and stuff. But now I’m back to posting, so yay! Also, another reason why I haven’t been posting is because the computer is taking forever to load, and now there was an update, so while I’m typing this I’m trying to navigate this computer. :/ Anyways, onto the post. 🙂

I took some pictures of Kit, Marie-Grace, and Grace! So enjoy! 🙂


Here is the first picture! It isn’t the best. 😦 The shirt and shorts that Kit is wearing were made by me. 🙂

Kit (2).JPG

Here is the next picture. 🙂

Kit (3).JPG

This might be her new profile pic. 🙂 What do you think?

Kit's hand.JPG

Her hand 🙂

Kit (4).JPG

Actually, this might be her new profile pic. 😉

Time for pictures of Marie-Grace and Grace!

Grace and MG.JPG

Sisterly love ❤

Grace in Flowers.JPG

Grace (2).JPG

I made Grace’s shirt. 😉


Grace (4).JPG

Now for a couple of pictures of Marie-Grace. 😉

MG (3).JPG

MG (2).JPG

MG's eyes.JPG


Well, that’s all of the pictures! And now for the big thing. 😀

Well, a week ago I decided…. that Marie-Grace was going to be the oldest in my doll family. 🙂

Here is her new Bio:

Marie (Marie-Grace)

MG (3).JPG

Marie-Grace is my first AG doll. I got her in second grade.

A few facts about me(Marie):

Awesome facts: I’m the oldest, so I’m in charge of the house. It can be very tiring, but it’s worth it. 🙂

Random fact: I have my own dog named Sugar. 🙂

Birthday: March 3rd

Age: 20

Type of doll: Historical, American Girl

Fave food: Strawberries. ❤

What I want to be when I grow up: A Music Teacher. 🙂

Personality: Bossy (She has to be or no one will listen to her), Nice, Smart. LOVES the Harry Potter books.

Fave colors: Peach and Teal. 🙂

Yup, Marie-Grace is now officially 20 years old. 😉 Also, her nickname is “Marie”.

Well, that’s all! Bye for now! 🙂

~Crabbyaglover ❤


Halloween Costumes

hey, guys! The reason why I haven’t been posting is because I was busy making doll costumes! So today, I decided to show you what my dolls were for Halloween. 🙂 Oh, and also, Sienna decided that she was too old for “babyish dress-up” so instead, she went to the movies with Minionaglover’s dolls. Lily also didn’t dress up, because she’s only one years old, so she wouldn’t have liked the movies, and it would be too loud for her at the Halloween party that the other girls were going too. Oh, and one more thing. My dolls didn’t go trick-or-treating this year, because they went to a big Halloween party instead, which they thought was much more fun that trick-or-treating. 🙂 But anyways, lets get this post started! 🙂

  1. Marie-Grace as a French Women


As you all (should) know by now, Marie-Grace and Grace are obsessed with all things French, so Marie-Grace decided to go as a French Women. The Beret, Coat, and Skirt are all from OG, and her shoes are from Grace’s Meet outfit. 🙂

2. Grace as a French Chef


Since Grace also loves everything that is French, she decided to go as a French Chef, because she loves everything French, and she loves to cook, so why not combine those two things and be that for Halloween? Grace’s Beret was sewed by me along with her apron (Both Hand Sewed), her leggings are from Springfield, and her shoes from AG’s Coconut Fun Outfit. Her shirt was made by me. 🙂

3. Ruthie as a Nature Fairy


Ruthie decided to be a Nature Fairy, because she loves Nature. her dress is from Caroline’s meet outfit, her wings are from Yahoo and friends, and her crown is from Yahoo and friends, too. 🙂

4. Kit as Robin Hood

Kit As Robin Hood Halloween 2015-2016

Kit only likes one book, which is Robin Hood. In fact, she’s a bit obsessed with it, so she decided to be Robin Hood for Halloween! I was too lazy too make a bow and arrow for her ( I wouldn’t even have had enough time anyway) , so her outfit isn’t exactly complete, but I still like it. Her Hat was made out of a Napkin by Me, her felt poncho was made by me, her shirt is from AG’s Coconut Fun Outfit, her pants were made by me, and her shoes are from Ruthie’s meet outfit. 🙂

5. Ellie as Owl


Ellie decided to just wear an owl print shirt and kinda go as an owl, because she had just remembered about Halloween on Friday night, so she just decided to wear this shirt and “cheat” on Halloween. Her shirt was made by me, her jeggings are from Springfield, and her shoes are from her Meet Outfit. 🙂

6. Caroline as Dog


Caroline was too busy to make her Halloween costume all week, so on Friday she did the same thing as Ellie – just put on a shirt that has animal designs on it. Caroline’s shirt was made by me, her leggings are from My Life As Figure Skating Outfit, and her boots are from Marie-Grace’s meet outfit. 🙂

7. Kate as Red Riding Hood


Since my dolls have a TON of red coats, Kate decided to be red riding hood for Halloween. Her Coat is from Goetz, her pants are from Goetz, and her shoes are from Kit’s meet outfit. 🙂

8. Nancy as a Figure Skater


Nancy decided to be a figure skater, because she said it was unique and she wanted to stand out this year, because all of the other years, she had been a princess so she wasn’t unique. Her entire outfit is from My Life As Figure Skating Outfit. 🙂

9. Clover as Robin Hood

Clover As Robin Hood For Halloween

Ok, so Clover isn’t an AG Doll… but she’s my favorite stuffed animal because she was with me when I had to get stitches, so that’s why she’s my favorite. I thought that she looked so cute as Robin Hood, so I had to post her on my blog.

Well, that’s All! Which was your Favorite Costume? I will post the Winner next week. Bye For Now! 🙂

~ Crabbyaglover

School Pictures!

Hey, guys! On Friday the girls brought home their school pictures, and we decided to share them with you!



I love her pin curls. 🙂

Grace's School Picture 2015-2016


This school picture might be my favorite… I love how Grace did her hair. 🙂

Sienna's School Picture 2015-2016


Sienna’s Hairstyle was also pretty cool. 🙂

Nancy's School Picture 2015-2016


As usual, On picture day Nancy was throwing the clothes out of the closet while trying to find the perfect outfit. She had quite  a mess to clean up! 🙂

Kate's School Picture 2015-2016


I LOVE how Kate looks in Ellie’s meet dress. 🙂

Ruthie's School Picture 2015-2016


I LOVE LOVE LOVE how Ruthie’s eyes came out in this picture. In person though, They’re even better. 🙂

Kit's School Picture 2015-2016



Caroline's school Picture 2-15-2016


And like always, Caroline’s curls look stunning. 🙂

Ellie's School Pcture 2015-2016


The shirt that she’s wearing is one that I sewed. I LOVE how she looks in it! 🙂

Well that’s all! Bye for now! 🙂


Lookin’ Cool~ A Photoshoot

Hey, guys! I’m supposed to order Maryellen tonight, yay! 🙂 But anyways, Here is a photoshoot!




Yep. I finally made a perfect bun. This is the highest I could get it, and that’s pretty high if you ask me!


Ahh…. Her blue eyes…


I don’t really like this picture.


This one isn’t the best either…


Now this one I like! I might make this her new profile picture actually…


Yup. That’s a hand. Boring, huh? 😛

Hear is what Marie-Grace was wearing:

Top: A sleeveless shirt that I made out of an old sock.

Bottom; Short from the AG coconut fun outfit (I’m pretty sure it’s retired).

Shoes: Grace’s meet shoes.

Hairstyle: A perfect bun

Well, that’s all, people. Enjoy your day. Bye for now! 🙂

Pepper and Honey find a home~A photostory~

Hey, guys! So here is the photostory that I told you about in the last post!KINDLE_CAMERA_1428144638000

It was a nice, quiet day and Marie-Grace was petting Sugar,

Sienna was rocking Lily, the baby sister to sleep,


And Nancy was making Grace watch her fashion show while Caroline was watching with complete amusement of Grace trying to escape from Nancy,


While Kate was sleeping. (She fell asleep while watching a youtube video.)


Suddenly, everyone heard barking.


I’ll go see what it is!”Said Grace, knowing this was the perfect time to escape from Nancy.


Caroline followed, with Inkpot right beside her.


Grace opened the door, and saw Ruthie.


“What was all that barking?” Asked Caroline.


Ruthie motioned to Meatloaf, and…


Two new pets!


“Their names are Honey and Pepper.” She explained.


“Pepper is Grace’s early birthday present from me.” Said Ruthie.


Grace was too happy to speak! She was so happy!


And Honey is for… Sienna!


Honey ran over to Sienna..


And knocked her over. Sienna rolled around on the floor with Honey, laughing.


Honey and Pepper were to stay with the family forever.

What is she doing?

Hey, guys! I decided that  I would do this thing called “what is she doing?” It is like the caption the doll picture that Liz at American girl fan does. If you don’t know the rules, here they are: Just caption the pic in the comments below. I will pick the winner(s) on Monday or Tuesday.

Here is the pic that you have to caption:


The doll in the red hair is named Ruthie.:)