Basically just me Rambling about Life

Hey, Guys! Sorry for not posting, again. I just came back from summer camp, and I haven’t been feeling well lately. I’ve been sleeping all day, and I’ve been having headaches. I’m feeling WAY better today though, so I decided to just write a little post where I can basically just ramble about my life.😝

OK SO FIRST THE NEW HARRY POTTER BOOK CAME A COUPLE OF DAYS AND I AM SO HAPPY!😆😆😆😆 OBVIOUSLY I GOT THE BOOK AND IT’S SO GOOD. The thing is though, I wish that J.K Rowling could’ve included something about Luna Lovegood. She is literally one of my favorite characters and I just really wanted to know what would become of her. 😰 Oh well.😋

Also,  I’m so upset because turns out when I came home someone ate all the Nutella while I was at camp.😭 I was looking forward to Nutella so much.😭 R.I.P Nutella.😭

Also, I’ve REALLY been wanting to redesign my room lately. It’s been looking the same since I was in kindergarten, and now I’m in middle school and it’s just really…. Bleh. The walls are painted light purple (Purple is one of my least favorite colors) and a lot of things are pink p, which is another one of my least favorite colors. I really like teal so I would love to paint my room that color.😜 So far I’ve repainted my drawers from brown to white, so I’m really happy about that.😄

Anyways, I have to go now.😊 I have so many posts planned out right now and I have no idea where to start. 😁 But anyways, bye for now!😝


Favorite Items From Etsy

Hey, guys! Today I decided to look at american girl doll stuff on Etsy. I don’t usually shop there, but I hope to start someday. 🙂 But anyways, let’s get this post started! 🙂

  1. Handmade Mustache Print Dress

American Girl Doll Clothes -Handmade - Mustache Print Dress

I really like this! I have a little obsession with mustaches and so does Kate, so I would get this! You can get this dress HERE.

2. Peach Flowers Cat Ear Headband

peach flowers cat ear headband for american girl dolls

This is so Adorable You can get this headband HERE.

3. Blue and Chevron Denim Shorts

Blue and chevron denim shorts for 18 inch dolls like the American Girl Doll

I LOVE these! Since I am also obsessed with everything mismatched (ans so does Kate; she’s my mini me!), I would definitely buy this.  You can get these shorts HERE.

4. Cherry Tennies

American Girl doll clothes, shoes, cherry tennies

I think that these are so adorable! You can get these cute shoes HERE.

5. Minion Skirt

American Girl Doll Clothes Silly Minion Skirt V1

I really love minions, and since Caroline has a little obsession with them, I would buy this minion skirt for her. You can buy the skirt HERE.

6. Neon Green Bubble Fleece Hoodie

American Girl doll clothes-  Neon green  bubble fleece  hoodie.

I really want this! I bet Kate would where this the most. 🙂 You can buy this sweater HERE.

7. I Heart Santa Doll Outfit

I Heart Santa American Girl Doll Outfit, Doll Costume, Christmas American Girl

I need this so, so, so much! I really like how it comes with the shirt, skirt, and leggings. You can buy this cute outfit HERE.

8. White T-shirt With Fox Decal

White T-Shirt With Fox Decal for American Girl Dolls

This is SO cute! I love the fox decal on it. You can but this shirt HERE.

9. MADDIES Tom Style Shoes

MADDIES - Toms Style Shoes for American Girl,18 inch Doll - Gold Sparkle

These shoes are too cute! You can buy them HERE.

10. Grace Thomas Shirt With French Bulldog

American Girl Grace Thomas pink knit shirt with bulldog picture and black knit leggings

This is so cute! I love the french bulldog. You can buy this shirt HERE.

Well, that’s all! Which Etsy item was your favorite?


New Stuff From AG!

Hey, guys! On the AG Website, there were a few new stuff… so here they are!

  1. Salon Styles Collection~$50 + Free Shipping

Sorry for the Blurry Pictures, but anyways, onto my thoughts about this set. 🙂 I think that it’s actually worth the $50, because it comes with the Salon Chair. Other than that, I don’t really care much for this set.

2.  American Girl Store Collection~$50+Free Shipping

No Image

I think that this is really cool, because Dolls can have their own doll sized AG store, too! I like how this comes with a couple of outfits. I think that this is worth the money, like the Salon set. I probably won’t buy this though.

3. Floral Bed Collection $60+Free Shipping

No Image

I LOVE this! But I wish that this wasn’t $60. 😦

Well, there you have it! My thoughts about new AG items! By the way, don’t forget to vote who’s costume you like best in THIS post! Well, that’s all! Bye for now! 🙂


My Opinions On The New Releases ~Part 1~

Hey, guys! So here Are My Thoughts On The New Releases! So… Yeah!!!!

Recess ready outfit

1. Recess Ready Outfit $30

I Have No Idea why the picture is like this, but whatever. I Kinda like the outfit. The scarf looks kinda weird. I really like the shoes, though. But the dress, it’s eh. I don’t think this dress will ever be on my list of stuff to save up for, but we’ll see when I go to AGP in Chicago in three weeks, ’cause I’ll be able to see it in person.

Hair styling tools

2. Hairstyle tools $20

Uh…. No. I am never ever ever going to get this. Never. Anyways, I prefer getting bobby pins that match my doll’s hair, not any random noticeable colors. Nuh-uh.

Sweater outfit

3. Sweater Outfit $30

I actually like this! I mean, for mix ‘n match. I really like the sweater.

Hot lunch set

4. Hot Lunch Set $28

First of all, what crazy lunch lady would be nice enough to serve a BROWNIE?! Second of all, Those Carrots aren’t very realistic.I will not buy this set.

Flip Top Desk

5. Flip Top Desk $58

I. Love. This. Desk. I NEED IT!!!!!

Yorkie Puppy

6. Yorkie Puppy $28

AG WHY CAN”T YOU MAKE A CAT??? I don’t have anything against dogs, it’s just there are girls who love cats too!

Astronomy set

7. Astronomy Fair Set $32

I could easily make this myself. I will never buy this.

stylin bangs

8. Stylin’ bangs $20

First of all, I don’t think this should be worth $20. Second of all, It looks hideous on dolls. If you want your doll to have bangs, buy one with bangs!

Basket Ball Outfit

9. Basketball outfit $34

I really like this outfit, but I kinda liked the older basketball outfit better. The older one had more of a realistic material than this one.

Sport Storage Bench

10. Sport Storage Bench $48

I really want this. No- I NEED it! The doll that I’m saving up for (#57), is going to be the total tomboy of the doll family, so this would be perfect for her.


11. Mod Monster Costume $34

One Word- ugly.

double braid headband

12. Double Braid Headband $20

I would not buy this for $20, and anyways, you could make it yourself!

slow cooker set

13. Slow Cooker Set $58

AHH!!!!!!!!!!!! I want  NEED this set!!!

sparkle sneakers

14. Sparkle Sneakers $14

I LOVE these! Even though they aren’t sneakers. They’re more like Toms.


15. Shearling Boots $16

WHO WOULD BUY SHOES FOR $16 DOLLARS, AG? I MEAN, THESE ARE DOLL SHOES!!! But anyways, I think AG copied OG, because I saw the same exact boots for our generation dolls, but it had polka dots on it too.

Well, that’s part 1, guys! I hope you enjoyed! 🙂