The New Sister~ Part 2

Told in Kit’s POV


Everyone was in the main bedroom, waiting for Maryellen. After a few seconds of silence, there were murmurs. “She’s here!” “Look, she a foot away from us!” Everyone was excited, except for me. I should’ve felt guilty, but I didn’t.


“Hello, your mother said this was my new home, right up here. Am I right?” Said Maryellen.


“Yes, you are! Welcome, Maryellen, to your new home. We are all your sisters!” Said Ruthie, with an excited smile on her face.


Grace skipped over to Maryellen. “Hi! My name’s Grace! I got a present for you, I hope you like it!”


She handed Maryellen a paint set. “I’ve heard you are an Artist, so I got you this paint set!” Said Grace.


“Thank you! I love it!” Said Maryellen happily.


Then Kate ran up to Maryellen, and handed her a purse. “I originally sewed a purse for you, but then Coconut chewed it up, so I ran into the Springfield boutique, and got you this purse this morning!” Said Kate.IMG_9990

“Thank you! I love it!” Said Maryellen. “I love to sew, so I want to be a fashion designer and an Artist!” Said Maryellen, smiling at her. But then, everyone pushed Kate to the side, trying to give Maryellen their present.


“Ok, everyone, put your presents in a pile over here and you can tell Maryellen what you gave her later.” Said Sienna. Everyone dropped their presents in a pile, except for me.


Sienna looked at me with a frown. “Why didn’t you give her a present?” She said. I couldn’t stand it anymore. I ran like a baby. I ran like a coward, to the room that I had to share with Ruthie, and now, Maryellen.


I sobbed into my pillow, so that my crying would be muffled, so that no one could hear me crying. I couldn’t let Nancy hear me cry. It would we embarrassing.


Maryellen walked into the room. “Are you all right?” She asked with concern in her eyes. I didn’t answer. “Come on, let’s go play! Kate and Caroline are waiting for you to play tag with them!” I ignored her, just kept on crying. Then, a big sob escaped the pillow. “Are you all right?” Asked Maryellen.


Since I knew that Maryellen wouldn’t stop bugging me, I finally turned around and brushed my tears away. “What happened?” Maryellen asked. “Sometimes, if you tell someone what’s on your mind, then you’ll feel much better.” She said. Finally, I confessed. “I thought it was unfair that you weren’t a surprise sister. I was, so I didn’t get any presents besides a laptop that I have to share with Sienna, and a Bedroom that only I and Ruthie, and now you live in.” I said. “I was sorta jealous that you got to get a lot of wonderful presents, while I get none.” Maryellen smiled at me. It’s alright, I’ll share my present’s with you!” She said. “It’s all right.” I answered. “It wouldn’t seem right, since we’re not even friends.” But then, a smile spread onto her face. ” I have an idea.” She said. “Since you seem lonely and everyone already has a best friend,  would you like to be my best friend?


Maryellen grabbed my hand, and looked at me, with a begging look in her eyes. “Yes, I will.” I said, before even thinking. So in that split of a second, my life changed. I finally had a real best friend who didn’t already have another best friend like Kate. Also, now my new best friend of a girly-girl, which I thought would never happen because I was a tomboy. “Wait… before we go join our sisters…” Her voice trailed off. “Please call me Ellie. Everyone called me that, back at the American girl orphanage. I want everyone  to call me that here, too. Especially you.” Said Maryellen. I nodded my head, and we took each others hand, and skipped off to the room next door, where the party was starting. I smiled happily, now that I had a new best friend. No, a best friend forever.

Hey, guys! So, how did you like it? Did you expect Kit to become best friends with a girly-girl? I just realized something, though. You know how in the book Maryellen loves to draw? Well, when I ordered Maryellen I was thinking of what I should make her hobbies be, and what nickname she should have. I decide to make her love to Sew, but I also decide to make her the artist of the family. The weird thing is that in the book, Maryellen loves to draw too, and I decided to make My Maryellen have that Hobby too. Also, I was thinking of nicknames because Maryellen is a long name, dontcha think? 🙂 So I decide to Make her nickname Ellie, and in the book, her nickname is Ellie! I guess I’m a psychic, huh? 😉 Well, bye for now! 🙂

The New Sister~Part 1

Told from Kit’s POV


I woke up to lot’s of laughing, and whispers of excitement. I rolled over in bed, trying to fall back asleep. I wanted to sleep through this day, I wanted to skip it, because today was going o be the worst day of my life.


Ruthie walked into our room. “You’re finally awake!” She said. “Maryellen’s coming in three hours, so you gotta get out of bed and get ready for her to come!”


I sat up in bed, now alert. “In three hours? You mean it’s only 10:00? I could’ve slept more!” I said, now in an extremely bad mood. “Why do I have to get up this early?” Ruthie rolled her eyes, and walked out of the room.


I trudged out of bed, grumbling and wondering why we had to get a new sister already.


I glanced at the shelf that Caroline had built into Maryellen’s bed, with a lot of help from Kate, the craft master. I didn’t get a shelf in MY bed, and I probably had more stuff to store than Maryellen. I walked into the bedroom next door where we kept the wardrobe.


Nancy walked up to me, her crazy red Afro hair flying out everywhere. “Wassup, Afro head?” I asked her, laughing at all of that red hair. “Kit, how should I put up my hair/ Everyone else told me to ask someone else, and you’re the last person there is to ask.” “Ask someone else.” I said, and snorted, since there wasn’t anyone else to ask. Nancy walked away, grumbling and complaining.


I walked over to the kitchen when I was finally all dressed, and I looked around, to make sure that no one was looking. When I was sure that no one was going to go in the kitchen, I took the Nutella and ate a few spoonfuls. Yum!


When I came back to my room, I saw Ruthie there, making my bed for me. “I can’t wait for Maryellen to come!” Said Ruthie, excitedly. I glared at her, and she stopped, knowing that I probably wasn’t happy about Maryellen. I glared at Maryellen’s bed, while grumbling.


When Ruthie finished making my bed, I flopped onto it, with my laptop that I had to share with Sienna. I played a few computer games, and I also went on youtube. I was actually having a pretty good day, until I heard mom saying something. I decided to go to The bedrooms next door to have a better view of what was going on.


I heard doll feet thumping on the stairs. Maryellen was here. Darn it.

So… How did you like part 1? Bye for now! 🙂

The Evil Barbies~Part 2

Yay! It’s up!

Told in Caroline’s POV


It was a boring day, and school was starting in a few days. When it started, I wouldn’t have to rest in bed because of my head. But anyways, I was laying in bed, when I heard a thumping sound. I ignored it, but after a while, The thumping sound started getting louder. Thump! THUMP! THUMP!


Finally, I decided to do something about it. No one seemed to hear the thumping noise, because everyone was busy, and not bored like me.


“Hi, Kate!” I said, when I finally found Kate reading a book, one of her favorite things to do. “Did ya hear that thumping noise?


Kate shook her head. “Nope!” She said. Suddenly, there was one big thump, and then a shriek. “I’m falling!” Kate looked up from her book. “Now I hear it.” She said. “It’s coming from the stairs.”


Kate and I started running to the stairs, as fast as we could. “What if we got a new sister?” I said between gasps. Kate didn’t answer, she was too out of breath, since we had to cross the entire third floor (Where half of it is where we live).


But then, suddenly two heads popped out. Belle’s, the Disney princess doll, and Aarron, her best friend, and also her sidekick whenever they went out on adventures, which got them in trouble, earning them the name, as the trouble makers. I always wondered though, why Belle, a princess always acted so boyish. But now was not the time to think about that.


“What are you doing here?” asked Kate suspiciously, with a hint of annoyance, since they wren’t allowed up here without mom’s permission. “Mom isn’t home right now, she’s at school, so that means you didn’t ask to come up here.”


Belle climbed up the last step, and leaned against the Lego box. She motioned for Aarron to stay where she was. “I don’t care if I came up here without your mom’s permission. She isn’t my mom, so she isn’t the boss of me,” said Belle, smoothing out her dress. “But this is where I live.” Said Kate, clearly annoyed. ” I am a princess, so I have an excuse.” Said Belle. She motioned for Aarron to come out.


Aarron joined Belle, smiling. “Even though we’re small, we are stronger than you.” Said Aarron. Belle nodded her head in agreement. “Also,” said Belle adding to what Aarron had said, “You guys get played with. We don’t get played with as much as we used to. YOU stole the spotlight.” Said Belle.


“We didn’t steal anything. Mom just chose us over you.” Said Kate.


“Exactly. Mom likes us better than you, so if you came over here to talk to us about letting mom play with you, than no. Ask mom instead, ’cause you already know that we’d never do anything like THAT.” I laughed, feeling a little mean, but those stupid Barbies had come up here without mom’s permission.


Belle ignored me, and grabbed Aarron’s hand. “Let’s make a run for it.” She said. And then, they pushed Kate aside, and as I tried to help Kate, they ran.


Kate stood up, and we stood there, knowing it was no use. The Barbies were running extremely fast, so we would be running for nothing. “What will we do?” I whispered, but Kate didn’t answer, because I already new the answer. They were going to do something to us, 18 inch dolls, so mom would only be able to play with them.

Hey, people! So, did you like it? Part three will probably come up when Maryellen will be here. 🙂


The Evil Barbies~A photostory series~The poster

Hey, guys! Wassup? Guess what! I’m making a photostory series! It’s about these two barbies, Belle and Aarron, who think that the “American dolls” As they like to call them, are getting more attention than them, so they make a plan to ruin them, so Liza would only have a choice to play with the barbies, NOT the “American dolls” .

So… How do you like my Idea? Should I post the first part? Here is the official poster:


Like it? Well, let me know in the comments below if you think I shouldn’t make this photostory! 🙂 Bye for now! 😉

The New Girl

Hey, guys! Time to find out who I got!


Ruthie was really bored. She had NOTHING to do, and she certainly didn’t want to be with Nancy after their fight!


Meatloaf licked Ruthie on the face trying to cheer her up. It worked for a little bit, but not for long.


“Wait! Be quiet! Suddenly said Grace. “Someone’s at our entrance! Can’t you hear it?”


Kate shot up from bed. The whole time while Caroline was at hospital, Kate had been in bed crying over Caroline not being with her. Now maybe Caroline was here!


Instead, Kate saw a girl who she had never seen before. “This is the wrong house.” Said Kate, with annoyance in her voice. She was also depressed once again. This girl wasn’t Caroline.


The girl started moving away from the entrance, mumbling, “I was sure I was supposed to come here…”


Just then, Sienna shoved in front of Kate. “Come in, come in. We were expecting you.”


Kate glared at Sienna. “Don’t push.” She muttered into Sienna’s ear. Sienna ignored Kate, and kept on talking to that girl.


After a few minutes of talking, Sienna led the girl into the room. The girl was carrying a dress with her.


Sienna cleared her throat, and everyone looked up. “Let us welcome our new sister, Kit.” Said Sienna. There were many murmurs and whispering.


Grace jumped up to Kit. “My name is Grace!” I love to cook. What do you like to do?” “Well, I love to write I love write fake newspapers. I also love photography, and to take videos!” Grace smiled at her. “You can take videos of me cooking! I’ll have my own cooking show.” Said Grace, bursting with ideas to do with Kit. “I used to be the newest doll, and now I’m the second newest!” Finally, after a long conversation, which Kit was getting bored of, Grace sat back down.


And then, Nancy appeared. “Hello! I see you don’t like fashion, as of what I heard from when you were talking to Grace.” But I was thinking, You could take pictures of me! And then I could be a model!” “Um.. we’ll see about that.” Said Kit, who did not like that idea at all.


“OMG! What are you wearing?!” Suddenly burst out Nancy, who was now looking up and down at Kit. “That outfit is so ugly.” “Um… well I don’t like this either, but it is better than wearing the dress that I am holding right now!” Said Kit.


“Oh, you mean that dress? I love that dress! I NEED it!”


And with that being said, Nancy grabbed Kit’s dress and started to look it over, oohing and aahing over the dress.


After a few moments of wrestling Nancy, Kit got the dress and ran away with it to the kitchen. “Looks like you scared away our new sister.” Said Ruthie who was watching the whole thing.


After a few hours, Kit came up to Sienna and asked where her room was.


Kit found her room, and plopped down on it, too tired to get changed into pajamas. It had been a long day.

Well, I hope you liked it! Please greet Kit with a warm welcome! Thank you to everyone who guessed which doll I got! I was actually supposed to get #57, but my parents really wanted me to get Kit, so I got her instead. I love her so much!

Sunny, Dollies on a farm, Clara, and My doll life guessed the doll right. Well, that’s it everyone! I sewed the vest that Kit is wearing right now. Btw, I got Kit with my own money. Bye for now! 🙂

Camp Doll Dairies- Getting Ready

Hey, guys! Today my doll’s were packing for… Camp Doll Dairies!


“Ok, you guys! We should start packing,” Said Marie-Grace.


“But I Don’t Want To!” Complained Nancy, who wan’t an outdoorsy person.


Marie-Grace was the one to start packing first…


…while SOME people were procrastinating!


Marie-Grace packed her note-book…


…and her favorite book, Still Just Grace!


Finally, she finished. 🙂


Grace packed next! 😉


Hmm… I wonder what she brought… 😛


Then it was Kate’s turn. “I’ll bring my favorite Pjs!” She decided after a few minutes.


Then Caroline packed her stuff up, too!


Finally it was Nancy’s turn.


I guess I’ll bring this dress… but I don’t want it to get dirty!


When everyone was packed up and ready to go, Grace called Carmen, one of her best friends, that she could come over now. (Carmen was taking care of the pets and the baby sister, Lily).


Finally, they were ready to go. “Good-Bye, Lily!”

The missing pets ~Part 1~

Hey, guys! Here is a photostory that I made that is in two parts! Enjoy!


It was a nice quiet day, and Caroline was petting Inkpot…


But suddenly, Inkpot ran after Pepper, with Coconut running after Inkpot.


After a few minutes, Caroline began to wonder where Inkpot could be.


She looked in the horse stable, where Inkpot loved to hang out, but Inkpot was not there.


” Have you guys seen Inkpot?” Asked Caroline. “Yeah,and have you seen Coconut?” Asked Kate. “How ’bout Pepper?” Asked Grace.


“I haven’t seen any of the pets.” Replied Caroline.


“How can I LIVE without Coconut?” Wailed Kate.


“I miss Pepper already!”Grace said, with tears in her eyes.


“Calm down, you guys..We’ll find them, I promise.” Said Caroline.

To  be continued …